New Pieces Arriving

I am busy at the bench these days hand engraving lots of new designs that are being added to my shop! I am having a blast cutting these cool pieces and there are many coming!!!  Thanks for checking in and please save my site link to come back soon. 

If you have a custom idea you would like to have engraved, please contact me & we will put our heads together!!!



Hand Engraved Pieces Coming Soon!!

It has been a great Year (2016) including fabulous training with Professional Engraver Ray Cover, School of Fine Art Engraving, in Missouri. I am excited to be working on new designs & a line of new hand engraved pieces to share with everyone soon. My new 2017 Line is being meticulously worked on and to be announced in 2017.  Thank you for checking in and please come back soon to see things I believe you have not seen before! 

2016 Objective

2016 is an exciting year for me. While I am not producing much in the way of jewelry pieces for sale, I have embarked on a journey to learn the amazing art of Engraving.  In particular, I have chosen to sink my teeth (or gravers) into Bulino Engraving.  This exceptional form of metal engraving can produce some great opportunities to create custom & treasured pieces for you all as keepsakes or just downright cool pieces. 

A Wrist Measurements "How To"


For Cuffs:

To measure your wrist size you will need either a cloth tape measure or piece of string (dental floss works).  Wrap the tape or string around your wrist to an exact fit (not tight or loose).  Transfer that measurement to a ruler. That is your wrist size in inches ("). 

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