Custom Scrimshaw Work Available

I have been doing Scrimshaw for two years, and glad to see things are picking up in that direction.  I have been very fortunate to have wonderful Mentors (ScrimMasters) helping me out in many ways to further my exposure and experience in this ancient and fabulous art expression.  Particularly, I am enjoying scrimshawing artwork onto small knives; RoughRider Brand bone handled knives have been a particular favorite, and I also love working on beautiful fossil mammoth ivory.

My Pieces In Medora, North Dakota!!

Hello Everyone & Thanks for Visiting!  I have a new announcement to share!  I am honored to be invited to display and sell my pieces at

Western Edge Books, Artwork, Music; 425 4th Street, Medora, North Dakota (701) 623-4345, Owners Doug & Mary Ellison. The Ellison’s also own Amble Inn on the same property.  

Their store is a treasure trove of Americana & Western History with Books, Artwork & Music.  The Ellison’s have an extensive knowledge of Medora and its’ rich history to share with you all.

2018 Focus of New Designs & Pieces

Majestic Creations Llc is evolving in positive creativity,  and the fruits of my labor will all be listed on this website this year. Along with One-of-a-Kind Jewelry Pieces, I am excited to add New Scrimshaw Pieces, Hand Engraved Pieces, & Hand-Drawn & Etched Art Pieces. There will be a range of handmade items for you to choose either as gifts, or personal treasures for yourself!

Custom Orders Welcome.  Email your request to  

Happy 2018 To Everyone. Thanks for Visiting!

Carol Priestley

A Wrist Measurements "How To"


For Cuffs:

To measure your wrist size you will need either a cloth tape measure or piece of string (dental floss works).  Wrap the tape or string around your wrist to an exact fit (not tight or loose).  Transfer that measurement to a ruler. That is your wrist size in inches ("). 

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