A Wrist Measurements "How To"


For Cuffs:

To measure your wrist size you will need either a cloth tape measure or piece of string (dental floss works).  Wrap the tape or string around your wrist to an exact fit (not tight or loose).  Transfer that measurement to a ruler. That is your wrist size in inches ("). 

There are several charts stating different measurements so having the "exact wrist measurement" is critical in making your cuff or bangle fit comfortably.  Some cuffs are slightly adjustable (a 1/4 - 1/2" or so).  However, some heavy cuffs do not bend easily, and cuffs with set stones should not be bent to avoid loosening or damaging the stone and/or setting. Having the exact wrist size will allow it to be fabricated close to your comfort fit. 

For Closed Bangles:

Add 1" to your normal writst size for a snuggly fit bangle.  Add 1-1/4" to your normal wrist size for a looser fit bangle.  Bangles must fit over the widest part of your hand between your thumb and pinky fingers over your knuckles.  You can also measure that portion of your hand and see if 1" is ample to add to your normal wrist size, or if you need to make it a bit larger.



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