By nature, I am a dreamer.  A multitude of artistic genres have always been alluring to me.  I have dabbled in many of them from music, photography, drawing, botanicals, and now engraving & fabrication of metal where I have found great passion.  In 2008 someone handed me a piece of coated copper wire & when I removed the coating, I began bending the wire into the shape of earrings.  That was all it took; I caught "the metal bug".   I've been creating jewelry pieces in precious & semi-precious metals ever since.   

I am primarily a self-taught artist & have completed basic & intermediate metalsmithing classes, and more recently Hand Engraving instruction at School of Fine Art Engraving.  My love of books and self-teaching has allowed me to master several levels of jewelry making, and the learning never ends.  I belong to several artist groups that with their generosity in sharing their knowledge have significantly enhanced my understanding of metal manipulation and design.  

My artistic endeavors in metal are constantly evolving.  In 2016, I have dedicated my studies to animal, landscape, and freeform drawing & design combined with hand engraving.  I am excited to share a new line in 2016-2017 of my hand engraved pieces. 

What I love about metal is it is never cold or blank in the mind of the creative, but an endless journey of infinite vision, design, & beauty.


Carol Priestley