Hand Forged Jewelry, Scrimshaw & Art


Artistic creativity takes on many forms and natures' beauty lends itself to us, energizing us to see things from different perspectives.  Colors, shapes, textures, forms, whether simple or complex, can all be translated into precious metals, organic materials, and art.   We fly by our surroundings each day often forgetting to take time to "see its pureness".  To be able to express this in metal, organic materials, and art is an exceptional privilege & passion of mine.  Sharing the Beauty of our Elemental Surroundings, even if it only slows our busy lives down for a second to notice and enjoy it, is worth every movement & step of my hand.

Whether it is forging a piece of precious metal, scrimshanding nature’s beauty into organic material, or hand-drawing an artistic piece,  I wish to bring you a little slice of enjoying nature’s beautiful elements given to us all freely. 

Each Day is a Gift ~ Focus on the Beauty ~ Share it with Others.

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